Gorman Residence

This customer sought out StoreTech+co to design, develop, manufacture and install a very high-end residential kitchen matching not only their hobby, but their passion for cooking. It was imperative to the owner that not only the functionality of the space was maximized and specifications were followed, but that each and every artistic detail was perfect and that the kitchen would blend with the traditional feel and furniture within their home. One of the largest criteria and a necessity for the client was for StoreTech+co to create a Kosher Kitchen, following guidelines including how items were placed, stored, prepared. We enjoyed working on the intricate details of perfecting this kitchen and the design finishes completed the vision. We utilized white marble countertops, a kitchen island designed and built with a different and complementary color palette, and all custom built furniture.

1225 NW 17th Avenue, Suite 104
Delray Beach, FL 33445
T: (561) 272-4655
F: (561) 272-9968


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